CAB Collective are a four piece rock band who exemplify diversity and versatility. Hailing from some of the furthest-flung corners of Europe and formed on the North coast of Scotland, CAB Collective have a strong history touring Europe and the Alps, playing over 200 gigs per year.

The band draws on a vast pool of experience and virtuosic instrumental talent. Their influences numbering in the hundreds, are eclectic which is reflected in their original recorded music such as their EP “Chaos and Ballance”, and their forthcoming debut album “Evolve”.

Band Members

Balázs Hermann

Balázs Hermann plays Contrabass and Electric Bass Guitar in the most diverse styles. He’s been performing music since age 16 and has been involved with a long line of groups since, including classical, jazz, metal, folk and creative music formations. His influences are just as diverse. Listening to classical bassists Gary Karr and Bozo Paradzik broadened his horizons as much as Stanley Clarke or Adam Yauch, and he finds great inspiraton in the works of bass guitarists Michael Manring and Wilbur Bascomb among others. Other instrumentalists and composers also bring in influences since – as he says – “Musicality is the most important quality in a musician. Technique is a mere tool in realizing it”. He’s been recording and performing with groups such as Gire, Samling, Lipsync for a Lullaby, Bobok and Tamás Kátai’s Thy Catafalque to name but a few. Past performances include European tours of concert venues and festivals, live appearances on BBC Radio Scotland and many more.

He’s presently playing with, Irish/Hungarian traditional five-piece Dallahan, Jazz pianist William Pickvance, Sifr creative ensemble and Cab Collective.


Isaac Sutherland

Guitarist Isaac Sutherland born in 1980 into a world dominated by music, who at 20 minutes old had 3 tunes whistled into his ear by his father John “Fats” Sutherland. A world that included the Band, Little Feat, Santana, Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane amongst many many others as well as what John was recording at the time which was diverse to say the least.


His father saw fit to teach the youngling how to use a tape machine at the age of two & from that started to teach how to play the instruments Isaac showed interest in rather than keep him off them. At the age of three the contraption in the corner of the room was found to be very attractive indeed. Shiny metal things with wooden cylinders & foot pedals, the drum kit.

Not able to reach the pedals John showed the youngling what to do with his hands until he grew. Learning the four to the floor rock & roll beat was the start of a musical journey that will include the guitar at age seven & forming of first band “Sworded Tails” after seeing Crossroads & Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pop Fest and then bass guitar at age twelve as John had a drummer but no bassist.

Doing 1st public performance at the age of six it became obvious there would be no other life than that of music, first paid performance with “The Sutherland Blues Band” at the age of seven was the start of the guitar and a slowly growing gigging life in-between school.  Highlight of that period would have been playing support to the Battlefield Band in 1987.

Life of gig started to take off at age twelve on bass when Fats’ Expanding Headband was born falling under the banner Rock power trio it was heavy & loud & would start to see Isaac gigging over a lot of Scotland. It wasn’t until Isaac got to 15-16 years of age that he would start working with others.

Independent from John would see the start of session work for people on Drums, Bass & Guitar, musically raised primarily as an improviser set the youngling in good stead to jump into the deep end with no armbands & come up swimming.

Getting slowly into production would see other sessions come in depping on drums & sessioning on guitar for Glasgow based keyboard whizz Gerry Coogan who now has reggae band “Man at the Window”. Drumming with Martin Stephenson’s band the Daintees and side guitarist for Martin on his own after producing Wheel of Fortune.

Being as diverse as possible would find Isaac playing Country with Geordie Jack & Caledonia on lead guitar & a beginning on mandolin, playing weddings with Whisky, any gig at all with John (His father) as a duo or as part of a band & occasionally both as session players for other people covering a range of styles from Jimmy Shand to Jimmy Hendrix with most stops in-between.

Life in the studio helped the youngling discover space & when not to play & how to play what the song/tune requires. All this comes down to one man’s encouragement, guidance & inspiration in the world of music which has taken many journeys involving House concerts with artists such as Steve & Jubal Lee Young, Jason Ringenberg, The uniquely that is Nick Harper, Davey Graham, Duck Baker, John Goldie, Clive Carroll, Adam Levy & the mighty Barrere & Tacket the two guitarists from Little Feat the list goes on & on, Isaac & John invariably will play the support for each concert covering styles from rag to completely off the cuff Jazz before the main act would come on & be a lot of education for Isaac looking down the aisle whilst doing the sound.

John Mason

Born on the way to Gatwick airport and raised between the Highlands of Scotland and the rest of the UK home for me has always been a tricky answer.
Although my upbringing was not straight forward and in most peoples eyes nomadic, I have always made strong connections with people and cherished those friendships as an anchor and a lifeline.
Music found me on the north coast with my first band Crimson Tide at the age of 18 and I met Isaac the next year when we went to his lighthouse to make our first ever record.
Almost 10 years later me and Isaac found each other again on a rare stint back to the north coast. This also lead to a chance meeting with Oscar and Balázs in the most unlikely of old man pubs.
My approach to music is an attempt at being honest with emotions and my observations on our way of life.
That along with having as much fun as possible and embracing every style of music that wants to leave our fingertips.

Oscar Mannoni

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